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What Our Clients Says

~ I am truly grateful for Laura's sessions. I suffered with PTSD, and in turn I felt anxious, & overwhelmed a lot of the time. After seeing Laura for just a few sessions, I could feel my nervous system became a lot calmer. I felt more focused, my confident, & more in tune with myself.. After each session I felt completely relaxed and it felt as though my nervous system was reset. 8 am forever grateful for the sessions with Laura. She made me feel heard, seen, & relaxed with her friendly, & authentic nature.

--Zoe, 27 New York, US.

~ I absolutely loved my sessions with Laura, I looked forward to our sessions every week, as it was time to myself, to fully relax. I always left feeling relaxed, uplifted and ready to tackle the next day. After a couple of months, the changes I felt were absolutely amazing. I found I could now drive over one of the most dangerous bridges in Australia. Before I worked with Laura I would feel highly anxious, and sometimes even endure panic attacks. This had vanished, and my confidence shot through the roof. I also found myself talking a lot more positively towards myself, and even looking in the mirror, telling myself I had a cute nose. I feel lighter, more confident, & overall, so much happier. I can't thank Laura enough. Absolutely loved our sessions.

--Roxanne, 58, New South Wales, Australia.

~ I came to Laura with mild depression and low confidence. After just a few sessions with Laura I began to feel better, and able to say *no to people. I struggled a lot with people pleasing, and Laura taught me how to set boundaries with people, and to always think about filling my own cup first. At the end of our sessions, I always felt like I succeeded in our small goals that were set during the session, the day after. The next week, I would learn something new, and I loved the sessions themselves, as it felt like real *me time, where 8 could relax, & unwind. I remember the Hypnotherapy scripts and Metaphors Laura used during trance, such positive messages which I believe helped to build my confidence to where I am now. I would highly recommend, if you're wating to make changes, and to become your happiest, most confident self. It doesn't happen over night, but my commitment weekly has most definitely paid off.

Zoe, 52, Southport, UK.